Why should you buy?

M-PESA payments can be integrated to your systems such that payment transaction notifications can be received automatically at no extra cost.

  • No transaction cost
  • Transaction notifications are received at real time
  • Can be integrated to both web and mobile app
  • Its highly secured, reliable and dependable

Client-To-Business (C2B)

One Time
  • Receive M-PESA payments to the system
  • Save transaction details
  • Update the account balances
  • Send an SMS back to client
  • FREE 24/7 Support

Business-To-Client (B2C)

One Time
  • Application is triggered
  • Send payments to client(s) from business
  • Save transaction details
  • Send an SMS to client
  • FREE 24/7 Support

STK Push Notification

One Time
  • SIM toolkit will popup
  • Ask to enter PIN to complete
  • No risk of typing the wrong paybill
  • No risk of typing the wrong a/c no.
  • Very efficient and faster